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2023 at q.beyond Riga

21st of December, 2023
2023 at q.beyond Riga

As we're approaching the end of 2023, let's have a moment to reflect on the incredible journey q.beyond Riga had this year.

In the past twelve months, we welcomed 22 talented colleagues to the team, hosted two Bootcamps, providing a platform for 12 young talents to have their first working experience in IT.
Furthermore, q.beyond Riga received recognition from the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) as the Export Newcomer—an achievement that highlights our commitment to excellence.

Our success is the result of a collective effort, and we extend our gratitude to all our colleagues in Germany for their support and collaboration, and the most special acknowledgment goes to our team here in Riga - your work is the backbone of our success!

To our entire q.beyond family, partners, candidates, and followers - wishing you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with exciting prospects. 
Expect the next big things, and let's embrace the opportunities that lie ahead!

Wishing you joy, success, and fulfilment in the coming year!