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Let's meet Packaging Team!

11th of April, 2022
Let's meet Packaging Team!

Today we are interviewing Kevin Bohusch, Packaging Team Lead.

Q: What does your team do and what is cool about it?

A: Our main task is to create software packages from install files. Maybe from first sight, it does not sound very interesting, but you get familiar with different new software technologies, and we also use programming languages to automate the packaging process (Power Shell, Active scripting, etc.). So, I can say that we are a bit developers too.

Q: What first comes to your mind when you think of your team/team members in Riga?

A: Guys are very professional and funny, a lot of joy to work with them, uncomplicated, open-minded. The more we have colleagues with such a mindset the better!

Q: How do you ensure that German and Latvian colleagues work as one team?

A: We all speak English, so there's no issue understanding one another. We are one team, and we don’t distinguish what task should go to a Latvian or German colleague. We have an equal attitude to all team members, no matter their location.



Q: How do you envision your future work with the Riga team? Here could be anything, short-term, long-term plans, new areas.

A: Further development! I would like to expand the team and extend their tasks with the maintenance of some Azure services like Azure virtual desktop.

Q: What would you like to wish to q.beyond Riga employees and future employees?

A: I’m looking forward to finally meeting the team after two years of COVID isolation mode.