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Let's meet Microsoft Services Build Team!

21st of March, 2022
Let's meet Microsoft Services Build Team!

Today we are interviewing Nico Thielecke, Microsoft Services Build Team Lead.

Q: Hi Nico, as you know, we are doing short introductions of our teams and now it's your turn to talk about your team :) Tell us, what does your team do and what is cool about it?
A: We do 3rd level operation for Microsoft-based managed services within the Q.Beyond Private Cloud: Active Directory, MSSQL, Windows OS, PKI, File, Print, Azure Services, and many more. Most interesting are transition projects: Onboarding new customers and building up new environments starting from zero. Take care of all managed services and explain them to customers and project managers.


Q: What first comes to your mind when you think of your team/team members in Riga?
A: I got to know everyone from Riga as very kind and professional. It is always a great joy to work with them!


Q: How do you ensure that German and Latvian colleagues work as one team?
A: Most of my colleagues speak English in our meetings. Those who don't feel confident enough signed up for weekly English training. I am trying to put Latvian and German colleagues together in projects so they can work together on important transitions.


Q: How do you envision your future work with the Riga team? Here could be anything, short-term, long-term plans, new areas.
A: I am looking forward to the promotions of colleagues from Riga to my team because they are very valuable employees!


Q: What would you like to wish to q.beyond Riga employees and future employees?
A: Hope to see you guys soon in Riga! <3