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Let's meet DevOps team!

4th of April, 2022
Let's meet DevOps team!

Today we are interviewing Kai Schlüter, Head of Enterprise Architecture department, about his DevOps team.

Q: What does your team do and what is cool about it?
A: My team automates IT delivery with most modern DevOps techniques and tools. Basically the same approach modern startups are using. The team supports other teams and quite some teams are already adopting DevOps.

Q: What first comes to your mind when you think of your team/team members in Riga?
A: Young, highly skilled, and motivated people with a lot of drive and energy.

Q: How do you ensure that German and Latvian colleagues work as one team?
A: We are utilising Scrum to ensure that we work as one team and synchronize quite frequently. On top of that we try to organize onsite workshops once per quarter which is a great opportunity to meet all team members in person.

Q: How do you envision your future work with the Riga team? Here could be anything, short-term, long-term plans, new areas.
A: I am vey happy about the attitude and education of the Latvian colleagues and I would like to increase the team, potentially double its size. The longer plan is to create a DevOps Center of Excellence here in Riga that would serve both our internal delivery as well as our customers on their DevOps journeys.

Q: What would you like to wish to q.beyond Riga employees and future employees?
A: Great job so far! Let’s build a strong and successful team together! And I would really like to come to Riga soon.