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Let's meet! Application Management Team!

16th of March
Let's meet! Application Management Team!

Today we are interviewing Bernd, Application Management Services Team Lead.

Q: Bernd, tell us, what does your team do and what is cool about it?
A: We run different applications for different customers, providing technical and business support, contract management, licensing, and do many other things. The cool part in all this is that we have a big variety of applications and multiple customers to handle. Some of our customers may have up to 80 applications! We are masters of communication :)

Q: What first comes to your mind when you think of your team/team members in Riga?
A: Diligent, dedicated, friendly. Very nice people!

Q: How do you ensure that German and Latvian colleagues work as one team?
A: Right now it is difficult as they are working on different projects, but we plan to change this approach – mix teams. Guys will be working on the same projects, which will allow them to share their knowledge and communicate within a team more effectively.

Q: How do you envision your future work with the Riga team? Here could be anything, short-term, long-term plans, new areas.
A: No answer right now - too early to say as we launched the Riga team just a few months ago. But ambitions are to take more customers and more applications in the future.

Q: What would you like to wish to q.beyond Riga employees and future employees?
A: Stay as you are!